bowling service and maintenance
Professional bowling services: Ten Pin Technics
Experienced lane resurfacer, using the correct sanding method along with the grain of the wood leaning on a plate. "Yes, that's the sharpless super sander, people don't accept less". Have your lanes be resurfaced by us, only the minimum amount of wood will be cut from the bowling lanes making your precious wooden lanes last longer. The accuracy of the sanding fits in well within the abc regulations. The only coating used on injected bowlinglanes is the 100% solids, urethane. All other coatings are less strong, less fast, less water resistant, flammable, and they don't look as good. This 100% solid coating can also contain an additive making it glow in combination with uv-lighting.
All wood repairs will be done accurately and glued with epoxy.
Corrections to flatgutters, pits and kickbacks are possible.

Trouble shooting, installations, adjustments, advice, just give us a call!!! Or contact us by mail:

bowling service and maintenance